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Home-made Stuff

Sun rising from mountain top

Foto realistic bay with mountains

Same bay, but now at night with a very large moon at the horison

On a vast landscape with weird clouds and only one mountain. An alien sort of piramid keeping a sphere drifting in the air. A cloaked vessel is flying by...

Same situation but now at night.


Arisona-like mountains at the background, formed by erosion. Beautiful sky with a small moon. At the front a vulcano with doesn't spit lava, but a sphere.

An unknown planet with minor lifeforms on it in a nebula, a some sort of Borg cube is drifting through this thick cloud of matter.

Becouse of the thread of the nebula people get evecuated... Luna is already swallowed by this nebula.

Alien City

Big City

Big City 2

Office buildings

Car (hier ben ik 2 dagen meebezig geweest!)


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